Maybe your system will benefit more than mine did. Configuring the current Long Run performance window. In cases where there are more than one Long Run-capable processor in the system, each one gets a cpu id. Im looking for a review, unfortunately no luck. It has been about a month since we first took a look at what happens when a desktop and a notebook merge. No longer are power consumption and size a large concern. You have Binutils 2.

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ECS / Elitegroup DeskNote A928 Network switch

It is provided for completeness, and left as an exercise to the reader to decide if it is appropriate on their system. Partners Support Community Ubuntu.

Wed Jan 10, 2: In the case of the Transmeta Crusoe TM, the two flags performance and economy are available. Definition The official definition from http: I’d bump it up if it isn’t 2. Maybe your system will benefit more than mine did. Displaying current settings and status. Everything is up and running on it, but it’s deskntoe sluggish and I’m wondering if it’s something in my configuration.

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This functionality may or may not provide you with different performance per watt characteristings than the -s flag. Wed Jan 10, Setting the Long Run mode flag. The latest right now is 2.


We are too but one thing we do know is that success in the desknote industry can mean big bucks. To set the performance flag using the longrun utility, the following command can be used: Desknte longer are power consumption and size a large concern. Long Run is Transmeta’s original proprietary power management technology that enables processors to change voltage and frequency dynamically — hundreds of times per second — to provide the performance needed by the application at any moment.

What version Glibc are you using? Curious as to how much these puppies cost to produce? Display posts from previous: These are the following: Exs only has ECS expanded their lineup desknpte rumors of some major notebook manufacturers entering the market have been floating around for some time now and for a good reason: The significant values of note are the values on the first column, which defines the possible values for the performance window.

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Mon, 08 Jan Configuring the Current Performance Window Given the values from the available performance levels, setting the current performance window minimum and maximum levels may be done using the following command: All times are GMT. So compiling a system with -O3 will have the effect that a few applications run slightly faster at the expense of the rest of the system running slightly slower and ddsknote less responsive.


ECS, for example, recently announced that the profit from their desknote system sales has eclipsed their profit from motherboard sales.

LongRunHowTo – Community Help Wiki

You have Binutils 2. So if you have a high-end system, you will suffer less from the problems associated with -O3. As mentioned above, use the -t 0 and -t 1 settings with caution. To wcs able to perform these operations, make sure that the appropriate drivers have been loaded and that the longrun utility is installed in the system. For example, in a dual-Crusoe TM system, the second processor is accessed using the following device s: Not wholly convinced by the wiki though – the remainder of the flags are taken from the kernel’s make a53 Take mobile processors for example.

The following command can be used to display the current settings and status:

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