Securion – How to clean the inside of the printer? What is the difference between the black mono ribbon and the Black Wax ribbon? Securion – How to use the locking system? The version supplied with your printer comes with a day free trial period, except for Primacy delivered with unlimited edition. It is also equipped with a standard two year or , passes warranty on the lamination unit, printhead, lamination hot roller and printer itself. Skip to main content. Which operating system does Securion support?

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With the Windows Evolis driver, the Lead-in code and Trailer have to be evokis from the Evolis driver or from Card 5. Innovation Evolis’ great ability to innovate as a key success factor. When dual-sided printing is selected, use the driver to configure the reverse side settings.

Highlights Includes a free 6-month subscription to CloudBadging: X driver Universal – released on November 14, What does it mean? By using the Ethernet port provided as an optionthe printer can be linked to an IP or IP4-compatible network.

What is a Stt card and how can I print securikn What should I do? Yes, it is possible to upgrade your printer with a magnetic, contactless or smart encoder.

How do I clean the print head? Printer, Power cord, USB cable.


Discontinued: Evolis Securion ID Card Printer | ID Wholesaler

If the colors on the printed card are too dark or too evoli, the following points have to be checked:. Has the printing job been correctly sent to the printer? Compatible with Dualys and Securion printers. This information applies to magnetic cards provided by Evolis but does not hold good for all manufacturers.

A driver is evllis used to communicate with the printer through the computer in order to manage ribbon choice, print intensity, contrast, insertion modes, magnetic settings, lamination settings, etc. Skip to main content. International expertise A focus on international sales that makes Evolis what it is today.

Quality The recognized quality and reliability of our products and services. Which software applications are compatible with Evolis printers?

The Securion by Evolis is your fool-proof solution for anti-fraudulent, long-lasting ID cards with high-quality graphics. Securio I print on transparent cards? Flawless printing The Evolis Securion produces high quality, edge-to-edge card graphics – quickly.

Does Evolis printers support print head from other models? Switching to a new PC, migration of the eMedia software environment How to activate the license key in your eMedia software Is svolis a programming guide available?

The Secution printer has got 2 firmwares: The monochrome ribbons — can print up to cards for a maximum printing area of 70 mm per card. You can check if the update has been successful by sending the Rfv command or by opening the Dialog Box with the printer.


Drivers for Securion

The only way to resolve this escurion is to use higher-quality cards. Please note that any license activated on a PC will be valid only for the specific workstation for which it has been declared, except in some cases of PC migration. Wearable parts are elements of the printer which require periodic maintenance, linked to the use of the machine, its environment and the consumables used such as cards, accessories and cleaning products.

Cards are not being fed.

Evolis Securion Card Printer – Best Price Available Online – Save Now

If the printer skips ribbon panels during the printing process, please check the following points:. Securion – How to do an advanced cleaning of the printer? Please note that printing quality may vary depending of the card manufacturer. Click here to access the new Warranty Conditions.

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