A lorry driver takes on the company train in a race. Tim Fox and Craig Garside battle to deliver their loads first. A plane spills waste onto the runway at Southend airport. AS someone who struggles to reverse park a Ford KA, lorry driving is one of the last things I would have picked as a career. This episode focuses on the work of former armed service members within Eddie Stobart. Getting into the cab was the first challenge as I surrendered my notepad to free both hands so I could haul myself up the ladder-like steps into the lorry.

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The legendary trucks and truckers battle wintry conditions as they face one of their busiest times of year. Trucks and Trailers about to start on Channel 5, Mark is not the only one who has felt the impact.

Once inside, I met Osltysiak driving expert Chris Ince, who calmly showed me how to work this huge and rather frightening-looking vehicle. Trucks, Trains and Planes. A delivery to the World Rally Championship in Finland is jeopardised by a brake failure. This series is also known as Stobart: A runaway bull stops driver Ashley in his tracks. Stobart takes to the skies when it invests in an airline.

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A new truck causes a stir. Getting into the cab was the first challenge as I surrendered my notepad to free both hands so I could haul myself up the ladder-like steps into the lorry. Transporting a huge replica plane causes a few headaches.


It’s all a bit sensationalist though, with perfectly normal traffic congestion being described as the drivers’ “worst nightmare” and standard delivery deadlines made out to be life-or-death cut offs.

Eddie Stobart: Trucks & Trailers – Wikipedia

Although Tim manages to watch his mouth most of the time, according to the driver his wife did have something to say when Channel 5 recorded him using one particular four-letter word to describe his load of chicken manure. Elliott has to perform a tricky delivery in Yorkshire. The soltyssiak just kept coming all over the floor; once it starts going it falls like water.

Edward Stobart Jr gets behind the wheel of a truck. The truckers deliver a load of Formula One racing cars to the continent. Without Chris telling me when to stonart the brake on, I would never have known.

The first four series saw the programme reach the top 10 of watched programmes for Channel 5, with the final two episodes of Series 2 taking first and second places for the week ending 3 July It’s panic stations when the haulage firm’s trucking festival needs a last-minute change of venue. Trucker Kevin dashes to aid a member of the public.

Eddie Stobart ‘Ally’ – T1NKM

Weirdly, when sitting in the cab, one has the distinct sensation of simply sitting in a fairly large car and as I put the vehicle into drive mode and released the clutch to move it forward, I realised how easy it would be to completely forget about the absolutely enormous trailer tailing behind.


Jimmy catches a cold in the Lake District. A seventh series titled Eddie Stobart’s Excellent Adventures shows a selection of memorable journeys from the previous series.

Views Read Edit View history. Off-duty police officer, aged 24, dies in car crash in Northamptonshire on Boxing Day. Tim has his biomass credentials put to the test.

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Tim Fox embarks on an epic biomass delivery. THERE are not many lorry drivers who can boast they have 8, followers on the social media site Twitter. Traffic jams around London and the company’s monitoring techniques rile a veteran trucker who says it’s “spying”.

Tim also stays away from home five days a week, but has a very cosy home from home in his lorry cab; which comes complete with a bed, TV, fridge and Foreman grill, to name but a few everyday comforts. This episode focuses on the work of eddoe armed service members within Eddie Stobart. Meanwhile year-old lorry driver Fiona Soltysiak, from Lincolnshire, has been throwing the typical trucker image out of the water with her appearances in the show.

When we first did the programme we thought it would be a laugh for a couple of months but it is still going now.

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