Well then it’s a really nice option, I guess In the new week, I’ll be doing an upgrade to my computer. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. For what you are trying to do, you might have a lot more fun if you switch to a more fully featured sound card, such as those provided by M-Audio, or presonus. Line6 USB support; type: I have also posted on the Steinberg forum without reply. For ASIO which can only use GP output , I simply take the output from the Guitar Port and run it into the Line In of my laptop – it has the Harmon-Karden speakers, and sounds great as a practice amp, or even for small gigs in coffee houses.

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This way you will have a software mixer, and be able to hear your effects laden sounds. Yes, my password is: Cyanidix tuitarport, Dec 6, Templates and tones from L6 Tone Made Easy classes. I have also posted on the Steinberg forum without reply. I can get it to work for awhile but then one day I’ll open up Cakewalk and the drivers have just dissappeared. The driver is really old and not officially wsio, so it might aslo obsolete now it probably works in other versions of Windows, but I can’t test that atm.


Well then it’s a really nice option, I guess I’ve been through the ringer with this thing. Thanks again for all the help. DeBro Max Output Level: What is your latency like when using Guitar Rig through Guitar Port? I’ve been using Guitar Rig 4 for a year or two, and it’s a fairly useful toy for a bedroom guitarist.

The iPhone is so easy to hookup to your electric guitar, and so powerful a I use the Line 6 Sonic Ghitarport because it brings a bunch of useful inputs and outputs, Harrington, Delaware: Yes I agree completely and the tones are much better than Guitar port and with less noise.

Alreay tried, But windows defender detected a virus. Channels send the processed signal, sends are set to dry signal.

If I disable the Sigma-tel it still won’t work. On the hardware tab, after clicking on GuitarPort hardware and getting the driver control panel I can’t find anywhere to specify which driver to use. When connected to my computer, it works fine, I get the modified audio via the headphone out.

How to record with line 6 guitarport I’m new to recording thought I would give reaper a try. The wet signal and dry signal can now be recorded in parallel and Ableton and the dry signal can later be re-amped using Gearbox or any other modeling program such as Amp2, GR2, Revalver, etc. It’s convoluted, but provided I have an amp, it works.

You can buy something better for a similar price, like an EMU creative professional card. I’ve never been able to get it to work any other guitarporf and right now I can’t even get it to do that.


Happy Holidays!

First of all, many thanks for your reply to this. This way I can get both my guitar audio and computer audio at the same time. At least GP is easy to re-install. Right click on it and click Disable or uninstall if you choose to. Anyway, thanks again and I’ll let you know how I get on.

Posted April 16, Is it possible to choose the guitar port’s ASIO driver as azio the input and output path when using those other apps?

Heck i sent them an email offering to do a port for free on my time. So what is the Guitar Rig foot controller like as a DI?

Guitar port set up in cubase – Computer Audio Setup and Troubleshooting – Line 6 Community

Shop for the Line 6 GuitarPort RiffTracker and receive free shipping on your order knobs and switches on interface; Ultralow latency drivers; bit processing. It’s unfortunate it’s impossible to purchase it legally. Posted April 18,

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