They got their glass and metal plates vibrating for their experiments by running a violin bow across the edges. December 18, , Wind a new coil. Education How making is transforming learning. Fine white sand should work nicely, with minimal mess. Let’s begin by thinking of a simple 1-dimensional example.

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On a square plate, or a plate in the shape of a violin or other complex shape, the resonances are more complex and interesting. Yes, if you have a camera that shoots 1, frames per second!

Any fine powder will work, but the finer the powder, the more sensitive it will be to vibrations, enabling it to work at lower volumes. This powder is chlani by magicians and pyrotechnicians as a flash powder, and it can be found at chemical supply houses.

If the powder is sticky or overly fine, it may not want to bounce at all, but z may stick to the plate and ignore even the most abusive volume levels.

Conclusion Operating Instructions 1.

Use a Chladni Plate to Visualize Acoustics | Make:

Thanks for signing up. Connect the speaker to the amplifier. Understanding how they work is much easier than understanding the theory and mathematics behind the cbladni themselves, so that is what we will concentrate on here. Sprinkle some powder across the plate. Projects Chladni Plate Visualize beautiful acoustics. Welcome to the Make: If we were able to balance some sand on the string, the sand away from the nodes would be flung off into space while the sand on the node would sit still happily where it is.


Chladni Plate

Test the DIY version concocted by the cofounder of a Belgian hackerspace. Education How making is transforming learning.

Prepare the base Stick the screws into the piece of wood to support the speaker. Newsletter to keep you inspired with new projects and more product reviews. He can be found at simreal. Then my other powder slides around on this slick surface like a cat in roller skates.

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Cut the outside edge of Please check your email to confirm. Chlladni editors will review your materials and follow up with you via email as soon as possible.

How to sculpt sound into Chladni figures : Makery

In the meantime, keep making stuff! Sound is an unknown, as its very definition attests: You might also like these newsletters: How to Make a Chladni Plate.

If a piece of string were made to vibrate at a special resonant frequency determined by the string’s length, density, and tensionthe standing wave would have places along the length where the string didn’t seem to be moving at all.


Connect your signal source to The plate is attached to a source of vibration. Edwin Wise Edwin Wise is a software engineer with more than 25 years of professional experience developing software by day and exploring the edges of mad science by night.

Prepare the speaker Use the cutter to remove the membrane and magnet cover from the speaker. Edwin Wise is a software engineer with more than 25 years of professional experience developing software by day and exploring the edges of mad science by night.

How to Make a Gravity Well.

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