Specify codes are not applicable to ordering this product. User applications require forms flexibility. These new features provide the additional performance necessary for driving new IBM printers. Discounts may be available based on your log-in. Please note that this option will require at least 8MB of memory. Dealer prices may vary, and prices may also vary by country. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the availability of the necessary supply items for operation of the Network Printer 12, and to order and maintain an adequate stock of supplies.

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IBM Network Printer The printer includes a sheet tray. These new features provide the additional performance necessary for driving new IBM printers. Year This product is Year ready.

“Print Services Facility for z/OS” IBM Library Server

This upgrade is now standard on the Model The printer’s ability to maintain rated speed while switching between multiple connections and data streams is critical. Ethernet, Token-Ring, Coaxial or Twainaxial are optional.

The cost of the kit and associated installation is not covered by the product warranty. Toner Savings Technology can nearly double the toner cartridge yield by reducing the amount of toner placed on the printed page, which provides significant supplies cost savings while maintaining usable output quality.


IBM Printer (NP12) | Argecy

TonerMiser mode can increase the yield of the toner cartridge up to percent by reducing the amount of printter placed on the printed page. The Low Volt Model ships with a U. Chicago line cord listed below. Other dealers compete against this, so:. NPRU is an application that provides a repository resource inventory for fonts and overlays macros on a workstation with access to an IBM Network Printer.

IBM 4312-001 Printer (NP12)

Please see Hardware Requirements for a list of support Parallel Interface attached devices. The time from when the printer receives a start printing signal in ready state until one sheet of paper is printed and delivered is approximately 18 seconds.

Call the REAL source! The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in prunter systems and communications facilities.

The printer options listed below may be ordered by part number. The parts described in this section are not customer replaceable, and, therefore, must be listed separately from customer replaceable supplies in announcement material.

The printer has one optional interface pginter in which an attachment option can be inserted. Handles up to 50 envelopes. New memory options provide performance assistance on the IBM Model The standard top exit area holds up to sheets and the rear output tray can hold up to 80 sheets.


This printer has a maximum speed of 12 PPM, with a maximum monthly usage of up to 35, pages. OS Code Release Level 2.

The printer, when switching between PCL and PostScript, will save fonts, macros, and user-defined patterns. This printer will create the LF1 “raster” fonts from the resident outlines.

Please call so we can set it up for you. The sheet tray cannot be used when the envelope tray is installed. If remote problem determination and identification is desired, an analog telephone line and modem or Diagnostic Modem optional feature must be installed on the Model Up to double the page yield 12, pages may be obtained using Toner Savings Technology. This frees customers from having to do problem determination before placing a service call and helps ensure that they don’t get caught in the middle between multiple service providers.

For best possible print quality, edge-to-edge printing is not recommended. No Licensed Internal Code: IBM Network Printer The translated language group part numbers contain the translated publications and translated PCL driver diskettes if translated for that language.

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