You might also want to use very low values for kern. Discussion View source History. You can change the HZ setting by adding a line like kern. Neither the name of the Intel Corporation nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission. Not sure if this is the right driver or software for your component? See the release notes for installation instructions, supported hardware, what is new, bug fixes, and known issues. The replacement for lnc is le and it’s present at least in FreeBSD 6.

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Ide works out of the box. Used Windows settings.

– Intel e network link drops under high network load

Install from CD works, but then you must do the following at the next boot prompt: These points are actually valid for any combination of virtualization software and guest OS. Must install with automatic networking enabled, and login via the network to use it. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: The Myricom NIC provides a number of tuning knobs. Of course, be informed on the impact of VMWare’s memory management before you commit on doing this.


Org collection of drivers.

NIC Tuning

Installed on CentOS 7 64bit. To use the VMWare vmxnet driver which as far e100 I can see isn’t much different than the le driveryou need to build a kernel without the le driver first. Fresbsd beneficial on real hardware, High HZ setting has a negative impact on simulated machine’s performance because the VM host software spends too much time handling timer interrupts, which causes context switches, cache flushes and other performance-hindering operations.

This driver supports hardware assisted VLANs.

Increasing the number of descriptors can improve performance dramatically on some hosts. Failure resetting PHY” but networking seems to still work. You might also e11000 to use very low values for kern.

Done with Linux 2. This is because early versions of the chipset only supported this.

Disable internal VMWare swapping Consider disabling VMWare internal memory swapping and make the virtual machine fit in in the physical memory of the host for best performance. The em driver supports the following media options: Retrieved from ” https: Might need additional patch to kvm for kvm kernel longmode.


Therefore the em0 watchdog timer under network load issue seems to persist even though bug resolved it for Our goal is to make Download Center a valuable resource for you. Chelsio also provides a script called ‘perftune.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

Thank you for your feedback. For example, running make buildworld -j2 on a two-CPU machine will make a farily good use of a real hardware 2CPU system, but when running virtualized, IO wait is so pronounced it takes at least -j3 to avoid noticable idle times.

Core assignment may be unnecessary. Freddie by Thomas Frrebsd Xompu. I accept the terms in the license agreement. Unable to allocate bus resource: Use virtio-block for disk and virtio-net for network.

freegsd The simulated device also has TSO support which is usable in FreeBSD 7, though I don’t know what performance can be achieved with the simulated hardware. Failure resetting PHY” but networking works fine. See the Mellanox Performance Tuning Guide.

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