Lowest Total Cost of Ownership. You’ll be able to shape the sound optimally for each different source, such as vocals, guitar, or keyboard. With the spread of digital mixers in recent years, wireless control using a tablet is a must-have in the professional workplace as well. In addition to talk sessions that use two mics, the unit also supports presentations that use audio or background music. Locate anyone at your venue and get real-time alerts when they are in emergency situations so you can instantly determine whom and where to help.

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Korg Konnect Portable reviews. Quality needs to work with quality and therefore we are looking forward to all the projects on the horizon”.

Korg Konnect: A smart amp for small audiences

If inverted phase causes the bluetoohh to be muffled, you can use the phase switch function to reverse the phase. From around the web. Speaker stand mounting diameter: The sturdy front grill also protects the speakers from impacts during transportation. Plus, Korg will sell you a carrying case, konneot the tiny PA supports the industry standard speaker pole, so you can get it off the ground for better coverage at gigs. This site uses cookies. Whether it is the reliable, flexible item selection or the rapid enhancement of hardware products — we look forward to continuing to harness the technology and create mutual synergies in the future”.


Simplifying Enterprise Internet of Things. In addition to a panel layout that is clear and concise, every function corresponds to a knob or switch.

Korg Konnect Portable accessories. Monitor temperature, humidity, and other factors in specified areas to comply with your bluetopth standards and ensure high quality of handled goods.

For performances, it’s loud enough to fill a medium-size cafe-type venue or medium-to-large church with a well-behaved crowd. A variety of functions that are useful in any situation.

They’ll have to play their sweet guitar riffs through something else. There’s a hand-grip that lets you easily carry the unit with a single hand, plus a stylish, high tech design. For large gatherings, PA systems keep you from just yelling at a group of people to share your message.

Korg Konnect Portable Stereo PA System with Bluetooth KONNECT

Equipped with a 6. The latest technology and Korg’s know-how ensure that the full range will be reproduced with high-quality sound that rivals studio monitors. But this isn’t the PA you’d use in a larger venue with squealing electric guitars and bass-dripping beats. Please check your local sales tax laws. We have nothing but the highest praise for the beacons and the team.


Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Be the first blueyooth review the Konnect? The unit provides master reverb, and lets you use a single knob to easily adjust the reverb type and level.


They’ll make you sound good without getting up to fiddle with the speaker. Special Order Update Location close. By using the ST-S80 you can create the ideal listening environment at the appropriate height and position. I want to resell beacons to other companies or clients.

Hands Free/ Bluetooth

Without any complicated connections, you can easily play back music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. On the surface, Korg’s Konnect PA speaker does pretty much what every other speaker with a few mics attached to it does, make things louder so folks can hear them. It provides a pocket for storing the power cable and other cables, making it even more convenient to transport your system to the location of use.

Korg Konnect 7 Photos 7.

Plus it has a feedback suppressor button that reduces the annoying feedback whine that starts nearly every corporate get together and forces someone to run across the room to turn down the volume. For which vertical are you building your solution?

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