Log in Don’t have an account? Going along with that, cards are built using a nm process, while the is built using a 90 nm process. I’m sure there will be SLI laptops available shortly, so if you really want the added heat and add performance of SLI, that’s what I would wait for. Back view from left to right: The metal lid on the display case is a very nice addition.

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Finally, the Sager system has a larger display 19 inch widescreen but a lower resolution. There are other issues I see as well. 7900ggx the M view large image.

Dell XPS M with Nvidia Go GTX Review (pics, specs)

It also gets hot where the memory is located. Dell also has an online chat dedicated to XPS customers; this is available 7 a. Shut down is even quicker, coming in at 8 seconds from clicking shut down, to when it was completely off. Notice the red light 7900gyx the whole touchpad 7900gtxx large image The Media Buttons are nicely lit; the blue lighting is a nice affect to go with the rest of the notebook.

I m1170 typing on my M, as it is very comfortable. This is decent battery life for such a notebook. Log in Don’t have an account?

Dell XPS M1710 GeForce Go 7900 GTX 512mb Video Graphics Card P104H

I tried testing the sound out before installing it. It makes it a bit louder, a lot clearer, and has sort of this echo effect to the sound that is nice.


The old M has about nits of brightness while the M has nits of brightness.

7900ytx Would the SLI in the sager give me twice the performance of the Dell? The sound really is more enhanced from just a software upgrade. I’m sure there will be SLI laptops available shortly, so if you really want the added heat and add performance of SLI, that’s what I would wait for.

Did this notebook live up to its expectations? Input and Output Ports: The end result is that I’m sure the Sager system will be hotter, and while it might be a bit faster I’m not sure it’s worth it. There are only a few places where it gets hot. There are multiple video connecters: Periodically toting it between two locations would be fine, but hauling that thing around a trade show or university campus wouldn’t be my idea of a good time.

ForceWare Release

Keyboard, Touchpad, and Media Buttons view large image When I first saw the M in pictures, I noticed the keyboard was a silver color. The XPS red light under the touchpad is cool, but there is something I have noticed — on my system the red light leaks through the touchpad a bit. When I m17710 at all the aspects together, as well as the m11710 price, that particular system doesn’t look like a great deal — and besides, it’s still in preorder status.


One ExpressCard 54mm slot supporting 1. You can call anytime of the day with an issue.

If you do not reformat and leave some of the bloatware on the laptop it may run a bit slower due to all the unneeded processes that will stay active in the background. Reformatting is needed, and is very easy to do. I play a lot of Counter Strike and the game play is very nice.

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Even though this 790gtx is directed at gaming, it also makes a good multimedia notebook with all these ports. Battery The Dell 9-cell battery is located in the front right of the notebook.

With little known about the next XPS, I decided to go ahead and just order, considering the good deal they were having.

The fans are pegged on high while gaming, but they have never gone on high for me while doing something other than gaming. Dell has always been good to me in regards to support.

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